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Rob Oostenbrink


My name is Rob Oostenbrink. I have taught at the Calgary Christian School for 24 years (grades 5 - 8). I thoroughly enjoy teaching grade 8 social studies for many reasons: 1. I have a passion for history, and I am fascinated by the grade 8 topics of study. 2. I think the curriculum is outstanding for the grade 8 level. There is great potential for students to be engaged. 3. I have enjoyed creating/modifying games that fit well with the curriculum, and using my creative and artistic gifts to enhance the learning environment. 4. I love the overarching theme: worldviews. As a Christian there is tremendous opportunity to compare, contrast, and analyze the different worldviews. 5. I've enjoyed developing critical thinking activities for grade 8.                                                                                                                                                              I also have a family: a patient wife and three boys, aged 14- 18.  My boys have all been involved in school sports and community sports, including trails west ice hockey for many years. Our oldest son is now attending King's University. I have enjoyed being involved in our school's sports program every year since teaching at CCS.  In my down time, I enjoy walking, biking, ice hockey, reading articles, watching documentaries, and painting.

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