Kindergarten Application

Kindergarten Registration is open for the 2019/20 school year, apply today!

*For admissions dates and standards please refer to Application Procedure page.*

To apply for Kindergarten admissions at Calgary Christian School, please follow these steps:

1. Complete a Kindergarten Application Package for each Kindergarten student you would like to enroll along with ONE Family Package.

2. Your completed package will consist of the following documents:

  • The completed Kindergarten Application Package
  • The completed Family Package
  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Supporting IPP and/or resource needs documentation (if applicable)
  • Application fee of $250 per family (non-refundable). (Please note: If you are applying from out of province/country, you may pay the application fee through PayPal located at the bottom of this Application Procedure page.)

3. Upon receipt of the completed Application Package, the student application documents will be reviewed by the Principal while the Pastoral Reference and all other Calgary Society for Christian Education related documents will be reviewed by the Executive Director. Any applications that indicate student resource needs are reviewed by our Resource Department staff.

4. Subsequent to these evaluations, we will then schedule your family for an interview with both the appropriate Principal and our Executive Director. Final admissions decisions are made based on the documentation and your family meeting.

5. Upon approval of your application, a $300 non-refundable deposit is then required that will be applied to future program fees. 



Submitting an incomplete package without notifying the Admissions Coordinator will result in your application being put on hold until all documents are received.

Transportation can be requested by using this form. Busing is an optional, user-funded service. Routes run south of Stoney Trail, west of MacLeod Trail, and north of 22X. If you live outside these areas, please contact our bus transportation coordinator at 403-242-2896 ext 318. For our transportation fees, please refer to our program fee schedule which can be found in our family package.

Your Pastoral Reference can be emailed or mailed directly from your church to our Admissions Coordinator.

Forms can be dropped off in person at either the Elementary or Secondary Campus, by mail to: 5029 26 th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0R5, or by fax to 403-686-1281.

Additionally, please ensure that you have reviewed the Christian Education Fee Schedule, and have read and understand the application procedures outlined on our Application Procedure page.

Thank you for your interest in Calgary Christian School. We look forward to meeting your family!