Throughout the year, Grade 1 students are invited and encouraged to be curious and ask questions about God and His world. As students are “soaked in wonder” (1S storyline) or “rooted in God” (1B storyline) or “royal in Him” (1R storyline) they are uncovering a little bit more about the role God wants us to play in His story. 

Our visiting author, Debra Frasier, told us about her book Miss Alaineus. Grade 1 students decided to make their own art using lines, like Debra Frasier did! We love the way we can see that God uses colour and shape when He creates. We can be just a little bit like him when we are ORDER DISCOVERERS and BEAUTY CREATORS."

In 1R, we are learning about what it means to have a Heavenly Father who is a King! We are using the acronym CROWN to discover that, as God’s children, we are Chosen, Royal, Owned, Worthy, and New in our Heavenly Father! Each week we are looking at a new word and learning how this helps us discover the benefits we have as sons and daughters of the most high King!