Senior Projects

2021 Senior Projects

The tagline of our school is Learn, to shape God's world.  Each year our grade 12 students complete a project that helps each one use their gifts and grow in faith.   Many of these projects are deeply personal and require students to be honest with God and themselves as they take significant risks.  Over the years, students have connected with their faith through things like art and poetry, songs and service projects. This year again required some extra creativity due to COVID-19 but we're so proud of grads and it's an honour to see how they are learning to shape God's world!  


BLM Matters Mural Project - Ufe, Mimi, Ana, Molola

"Education is the passport to the future" These four students wanted to create something long lasting where students can be prompted to learn more about Black lives.  They also wanted to encourage younger Black students in Middle school to find their voices and have a safe place to share.  When asked what was a highlight about doing this project - they said, "Our teachers' responses when we shared with them. They were moved by our artwork and content, which felt affirming".   The large mural depicting Malcolm X, Angela Davis, George Floyd, Viola Desmond and Martin Luther King Jr. will be hung up in the school.


CCS Art Mural Project - Claire, Emily, Jaden

Showing a positive message of moving forward through these hard years, celebrating graduation and looking to the future! Full of bright and encouraging colours, this art work also includes the name of each graduate in the leaves.


"Living Like A Narnian: Christian Wisdom for Everyday Life" Project - Kelsey

Seven devotionals were written for youth based on the series The Chronicles of Narnia. "They are such powerful and captivating stories, and, strangely enough, some of the most
applicable stories that I have ever come across. Who would have thought that seven books written in England in the 1950s, and set in a magical world outside of our own, would become my go to source for wisdom and comfort in my own life as a follower of Christ." 

Two students participated and reviewed the devotional and it was very well received! "The questions made me take time to think of what my answers were and dig deeper into my faith, so that was a great element that allowed me to further connect with God."


The Period Project - Jenna

Did you know that  nearly a quarter of Canadian women and a third of women under 25 have reportedly struggled to afford menstrual products?  On May 20, I delivered 4 Ikea Bags full - over 250 boxes for the Period Project at Humainologie!!


Blood Donation Drive Project - Oyinda, Chelsea and Mikayla

50% of Canadians will need blood or know someone who needs blood at some point in their lives, yet only 4% of Canadians who are eligible to donate actually donate blood. 

After learning about the importance of donating blood, we decided to organize a blood donation event for the CCS community as our senior project. This blood donation event was a great community-building opportunity as students, teachers, and friends of CCS gathered together and donated blood on April 2 and May 15. It was inspiring to see how many people were willing to take time out of their day to better the lives of other people. 

We don't want the donations to stop with our project. We encourage people to keep donating: the 450 ml of blood that they donate can save up to 3 lives. Go to to book an appointment today.


Stories from CCS Video Project - Noah and Molly