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Mrs. Rachel Rand

Grade 3

Hi CCS Community!

I am a wife of twelve years and a mother of two young boys in grades 3 and 4. Seeing the joy on my sons' faces when they suddenly understand a new concept or create something they are so proud of is something I aspire to see in each and every one of my students.

I do not view my teaching as separate from who I am, and my faith plays an integral role in that. As a Christian who has experienced the wonderful love and forgiveness of God, I have always desired to teach in a faith-based environment where I can allow my Christian principles to be the foundation of everything I do. My main goal is for my students to learn that they are God's prized children all with unique gifts and challenges. A Christian teacher should embrace students as they are and encourage them to discover:

-the transforming power of faith

-the blessings and obstacles of this world

-the beauty of learning through a Biblical lens

My background as an interior designer and graphic designer lends itself well to a career in teaching as I desire to create materials and environments that make the students excited about and invested in their learning. As a 2000 graduate, it is such a privilege to be back at CCS, this time across the field!