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Orange Shirt Day - resources to continue the journey.

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CCS seeks to learn the truth and work continually towards reconciliation.  Here is a list for reading and suggested movies:

Reading Lists: (via Calgary Public Library)

For children: 

I Lost My Talk by Rita Joe

Speaking Our Truth Monique Gray Smith

Phyllis’s Orange Shirt by Phyllis Webstad

I am Not a Number by Jenny Kay Dupuis

The Train by Jodie Callaghan

My Name is Seepeetza by Shirley sterling

When We Were Alone by David Robertson

When I Was Eight by Christy jordan Fenton

Fatty Legs by Christie Fenton




For teens:

A Stranger at Home by Christy Jordan Fenton

Sugar Falls by David Robertson

Residential Schools by Larry Loyle

UNeducation by Jason EagleSpeaker

Picking Up the Pieces by Carey Newman

7 Generations by David Robertson

Goodbye Buffalo Bay by Larry Oskiniko Loyle


Books for Adults:


We Were Children 

Indian Horse 

Our People Will be Healed

The Secret Path


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