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Dear Society Members,

As we continue our commitment to excellence in education and the nurturing of Christian values, we are excited to announce the upcoming election process to nominate three new members to the Calgary Society for Christian Education (“CSCE”), Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction and policies of the Society. It is through their dedication and vision that we continue to provide a high-quality education rooted in Christian principles. We believe that diverse perspectives and talents are essential for our continued success, and we invite you to actively participate in the nomination process.

The nomination process is designed to be inclusive and transparent, encouraging our members to have a voice in the selection of individuals who will guide the school in the years to come. Your input is invaluable; all nominations will be considered by the Nominating Committee.

Nomination Process:

  1. Eligibility: Any CSCE member in good standing with a commitment to the organization's vision, mission, values and Christian Worldview Integration and Oversight Policy (“CWIP”).
  2. Nomination Form: Complete the nomination form, which is available on our website Provide all required information about the nominee and the reasons for their nomination.
  3. Submission Deadline: All completed nomination forms should be submitted via the submission form by March 1, 2024.
  4. Candidate Interview Session: To facilitate an informed decision-making process, the nomination committee will host candidate interviews.
  5. Nominee Introduction: A nominee introduction letter will be circulated to the Society members prior to the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”), to introduce the candidates to our members for their voting consideration.
  6. Voting Process: At the Annual General Meeting, a formal voting process will be conducted to elect the three new board members. Details regarding the voting procedure will be communicated to all members.

In seeking nominations for new members, the Board of Directors is pursuing individuals with talents and expertise to contribute to various committees and initiatives within the school. Our aim is to build a team that represents a diverse set of skills to address the challenges and opportunities we have identified for the next term.

Beneficial Experience 2024/2027:

  1. Faith Formation: Individuals with experience in guiding the fundamental principles, beliefs, and teachings of Christ to contribute to the spiritual growth and development of our community.
  2. Finance Committee: Individuals with financial expertise to oversee budgeting, forecasting, and the financial plans of the Society.
  3. Community Outreach: Individuals passionate about community engagement and outreach with a focus on building and sustaining long-term relationships with community members and stakeholders. Strong communication skills to effectively convey the school's mission, values, and initiatives to the community.
  4. Human Resources: Experience in diversity, equity, inclusion, HR development and compliance. Passion for aligning human resources with strategic objectives and ensuring the well-being and development of a workplace.


The role of a Board of Directors is multifaceted and encompasses various responsibilities which include overseeing the school's mission, long-term planning, and ensuring thoughtful oversight of financial, administrative, and facility needs. The Board of Directors does not oversee the daily operations of the school.

Requirements of CSCE Board of Directors:

  1. Experience in Leadership or Governance: Board members should possess some experience in leadership roles and have comprehension in governance, providing the skills necessary to contribute effectively to the decision-making processes of the board.
  2. Time Commitment: Directors serve a 3-year term and contribute 4-8 hours/month. Directors attend regular board meetings conducted once a month, typically on Tuesday evenings. Each board member should join a minimum of one sub-committee, which also meet monthly. Certain initiatives may require additional communication, attentive email participation and response is essential. All board members are encouraged to participate in events and activities organized by the school.
  3. Legal and Ethical Integrity: Board members are expected to act with the highest integrity and ethical standards, ensuring compliance with all applicable principles and regulations.
  4. Team Collaboration: Board members should work collaboratively with other board members, administrators, and staff to achieve the school's mission and goals.
  5. Advocacy for Christian Education: A devotion to Christian education and the ability to advocate for the school within the broader community are essential.

Thank you for your impactful commitment to our community. Your dedication and passion play an integral role in our collective growth and success. As we navigate the journey of shaping the minds and hearts of our students, your unwavering support contributes to the blessings that arise from our shared commitment to providing an outstanding Christian education.

In His service,


Nomination Committee

Board of Directors, Calgary Society for Christian Education



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