Literacy Week: Dress-like-a-Word Day!

CCES will be celebrating Literacy Week from Monday, November 15 -Thursday, November 18.

During this week, we will be hosting special author Debra Frasier, who has written and illustrated many wonderful children’s books. Students in grades 1-6 will be meeting virtually with Debra, who will give them an up-close and personal tour of her studio, and will guide them in some hands-on activities, and answer their questions about writing and illustrating books (if you would like to know more about Debra and her books, you can visit her website by following this attached link). Kindergarten students will be visited by guest reader Mr. Thiesen in the library. 


On Thursday, November 18, students will be participating in “Dress Like A Word Day,” which is similar to “Dress Like a Book Character Day,” which we have celebrated in previous years. Instead of dressing like a character from a book however, this year students will pick a word of their choice, and dress in a way that illustrates the meaning of that word.


Parents, this is where your child may need your help! This can be as simple, or as elaborate as they desire, but they are asked to include a sign that 1) states their word, and 2) gives the definition of their word. This activity stems from one of Debra Frasier’s books called Miss Alaineus, A Vocabulary Disaster, which has inspired many school Vocabulary Parades.


Although we cannot have a school parade due to Covid restrictions, we hope to take photos of some of the costumes that day, and to share them with our community virtually. If you would like to view some examples of possible costumes, we encourage you to visit Debra’s website (by clicking on this link), or to simply google “Vocabulary Parade,” which will yield a plethora, (“plethora: a large or excessive amount”), of examples!

We look forward to seeing all of the creative ideas students and staff will come up with.