Parent Teacher Conference


January 28, 2019

Parent Teacher Interim Conferences For Grades 1 - 6

Parent-Teacher interim conferences will be held on the evenings of February 7, from 4-8 pm and February 12, from 4-7 pm. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child’s learning and progress thus far. All parents are strongly encouraged to attend a conference in order to support your child’s learning at Calgary Christian Elementary. If you have already scheduled an IPP meeting, it is not necessary to book an interim conference.


The link for the Conference Manager is:                        (DO NOT include “www”)

 A Parent Account is required to use the Conference Manager. However, you only need to go through the registration process the first time you use the system. If you have never registered in the Conference Manager use the link above and click the “Register Now” button.


Step 1 – Conference Manager Opens to Parents –January 25 at 4:00pm (Conference Manager closes on February 5 at 4:00pm)

Date for Conferences: February 7 (4-8pm) and February 12 (4-7pm)

If you used the Conference Manager in the past, your email and password are still in the system. You can simply access the Conference Manager using the link above.


Step 2 – Book your Parent-Teacher Interviews

Select the teachers with whom you want to book interviews. You will see each teacher’s schedule. After booking your appointments you can print off your schedule. You will also receive an email confirming your bookings. You can log into the system at any time to view your bookings, print, cancel or re-schedule appointments.


Can’t remember your password?

If you already have a Parent Account, click on the link above, select “Forgot your password” and enter the email address you used to register in the system. You will then receive an email containing instructions for resetting your password. If you do not receive an email, you might have entered an email address the system does not recognize. Please also add to your address book in your computer mail. This will override any spam filters that might be blocking the email. If the problem persists, please contact the office and ask them to access your Parent Account, confirm your email address and reset your password.


Questions about who you can meet with?

Conferences are to be booked only with the homeroom teacher. If you would like to meet with Mrs. Smith (French) she will be available on Thursday, February 7 from 4:00 – 8:00pm. If you would like to meet with Ms. Gatus or Mr. Heppner, they will be available on Tuesday, February 12 from 4:00 – 7:00.

Please note that there will be no conferences for Kindergarten at this time.

 If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the school: (403) 242-2896 Ext 1.