Options and Course Selections

Gr 8/9 Options

We are pleased to continue the process of Grade 8&9 students choosing their own options! This is one of the many steps we are working on in assisting students in transitioning from Middle School to High School. This year, each student will take part in two options each semester. The schedule below lists all the options that will be offered during that time and you will need to select your top 6 picks out of the list. Next week, you will receive your option schedule for the year. 

Please take the time to read through each selection carefully as many courses have limited availability, making it difficult to switch classes after the schedule is set. We also have courses that are offered more than one time, so you may be in the option of your choice, but not necessarily with your best friend due to scheduling conflicts or limited class size. Be sure to select your favourite options now!

Gr 8/9 2019 Option Descriptions 

Gr 10-12 Options

Read the Course Selection Guidebook to learn more details about the courses offered at CCS, what is required for a High School diploma and the different streams of learning available.

Our Academic Counselor, Charlene Foster, is willing to answer questions you may have!  Please find out more on her page, she is a great resource for students and parents.  

Secondary Course Selection Guidebook