For Gr11 / 12 Drama Students

Canadian National Auditions Due -

This is for keen Canadian drama students wanting to continue their studies beyond high school. It is great for grade 11's wanting a head start, grade 12's looking at their options for next year & former students in a gap year.

Please encourage your students to apply to be seen by over 30 top theatre and film programs from across Canada and the United States. 

Let them know to prepare and film a self taped: monologue, or solo musical piece or a tech portfolio presentation. By clicking on the Event Overview button below!

The submission portal is now open and will be until December 2nd. The registration portal site and instructions page explaining how to create your profile and upload your materials can be found linked to the buttons below. We encourage you to walk your students through it. 

Once they have submitted the post secondary schools will have a week to look at them and on Thursday December 16th it will be the day that our students can expect to recieve offers of interest via email and/or phone. The post-secondarys have been told not to message anyone before that date so that students do not have to be waiting anxiously. If you have any questions please email us at:

Ste by Step instructions, click HERE