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A Typical Grade 7 Schedule Looks Like…

Schedules are a key part of daily life in Middle School. Students will be working with a 5-day schedule in Grade 7. Each morning will start with a 10 minute homeroom block where devotions, announcements, and a little organization will help students be ready to begin their day.

From there, they will move to their first block class. Grade 7&8 schedules consist of 6 - 60 minute blocks. Between each block, there is approximately 4 minutes scheduled to allow transition time to get to the next classroom. The first question I always get asked by students is “Do we still get recess?” The answer... “yes” and “no”. There is enough time between blocks to step out to the washroom or quickly grab a snack, but it is not as long as the morning recess they are used to in elementary and goes by quickly if they choose to visit with friends instead. With lunch, they do have time to eat lunch and then go outside to enjoy a 25 minute break. Fridays consist of homeroom, 4 shorter blocks, and chapel.

Within a typical week, students will go through a variety of classes. Options, Bible, Music, and Languages are classes that will take place twice per week. PE occurs three times per week and Digital Literacy and Health classes are scheduled for one block per week each. The remaining blocks will be filled with core classes according to the mandated hours by Alberta Education. Schedules are handed out to each homeroom on the first day of classes in the fall.


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