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Communication Between Home and School

The transition to MS can be tricky, making communication between home and school extremely valuable. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers either in person before/after school or by email. If you have any questions or if any confusion arises, it is best to get those questions out and hopefully find answers right away. In terms of formal communication, there are a few times in the year to be aware of:

Parent/Teacher Interviews

P/T Interviews occur in November and March. We only have two semesters at the secondary campus, which differs from the three terms at the elementary campus. The process we use for interviews is not one with scheduled times. Instead, it is organized in an open manner where the teachers will be situated at tables in the gym and you have the opportunity to visit with those who you would like to see. By not scheduling times, teachers have been able to have conversations with more families at the times you are available to come.

Report Cards/Progress Reports

Report cards will go home in February and June (end of semester 1 and semester 2). In between these times, progress reports will be sent home so that you are aware of how your child is doing in each class and any outstanding assignments they may have. Currently, this is a paper copy report that comes home approximately every 2 months, but Palliser is working on trying to enable an electronic version for us.

Another change to note is that grades will be reported using percentages for most classes in MS. There are a few elective classes that will use the Excellent/Good/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory evaluation system, but all the cores will use percentages.


A new change that will be implemented in the 2018/19 year is the elimination of midterm exams in January! Students in Grades 7&8 will have no exam break in January, instead classes will continue as usual. There will still be an exam in week in June where they will write their final exams in their 4 core subjects. Teachers will provide study guides and help guide them learn how to study in the classes leading up to this point.

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