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How do options work in MS?

In Grade 7, students are presented with an opportunity to try a variety of new courses. Within our schedule, students will select a language to study (French, Spanish or English Essentials) and a music to study (band or choral). Alongside a computer literacy class that goes all year, they will also get an opportunity to try out drama, foods, shop, games, and art.

Our languages, music, and computer classes run all year. Someone from the high school will be visiting Grade 6 in June and will send home an options sheet for them to select their choice of language and music that they would like to study next year. This sheet outlines the options courses, but a few of the important things to note are: French class is a continuation from Grade 6, while Spanish is for anyone wanting to try out a new language with no previous experience required. Band is open to students, with no experience required, to try out an instrument. Mr. Vanderwoude will walk them through the different instruments available and help them select the one they are most interested in.

Our school year is split into two semesters in the Secondary building. First semester runs September - January and second semester runs February - June. Alongside the full year options, students will participate in the remaining 5 options (drama, foods, shop, games, and art) twice a week for almost half a semester each so that by the end of the year, they will have participated in all 5 options. The schedule is organized in this manner to allow students to experience all of the options and be ready to make an informed decision as to which options they would like to pursue further in Grades 8-12. It is hard to decide if you like shop or foods class if you have not been down in our amazing shop with Mr. Bonk or in the kitchen cooking up a delicious treat with Mrs. Chrest!

As usual, please continue to send your questions to Mrs. Vienneau to help make this transition to MS a positive experience for both you and your child! Also, please take note: the night of the Grade 7 BBQ, there will be a parent session with the opportunity to tour the school and see the spaces where your students will be learning. We hope to see you there!

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