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How does Homeroom work in MS?

Similar to elementary, students will be assigned a homeroom class in the fall. This is where they will meet together as a group each morning for approximately 10 minutes. Having this time together each morning, helps students to get organized and prepare them for their day.

Homeroom begins with our school announcements, and if it is Friday, we sing O Canada. The remainder of the time is used for a morning devotional with their homeroom teacher. At the end of this time, students will have an opportunity to pick up their chromebooks and head to their first class. Students will remain together in their homerooms for all their core classes (Math, Science, Social, LA), but class rosters get shuffled to make smaller option classes and PE classes.

Next year, we will have 4 different homeroom classes for Grade 7! At this point, we are unable to confirm exactly who these teachers will be as we are still working out schedules at the moment. This information will come in a future update :)

If you have any questions about MS that you would like Mrs. Vienneau to address, please do not hesitate to send them her way:


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