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How is MS different from ES? Will students have lockers?

MS is a unique and new experience in the life of your child. Entering the Secondary campus, students encounter more independence alongside a new level of responsibility. Lockers, options, and timetables play a key role as they maneuver through Grade 7 life.

Lockers: Each student will be assigned a locker and often the first struggle they may undergo will be simply learning how to open their lock and memorizing their combination. As students provide their own locks, this would be a great thing to practice over the summer!

Classrooms: Another noticeable change from ES that may bring some nerves to the forefront is the idea of switching classrooms and teachers for their various subjects. We try to keep the switching of teachers and classrooms to a minimum. Most often, students will find themselves moving between the homeroom teachers for the core subjects and only going upstairs or downstairs for specific option/language classes.

Stay tuned next week for more information about what life in MS is like. If you have any questions you would like to see answered, please email Mrs. Vienneau!


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