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How to thrive, not just survive, in MS

I must admit that I received some help this week to write this blog entry. While I may be able to provide answers to most questions, the best information comes from those who are currently in the midst of MS. So here you have it, in no particular order (although #4 is one of my personal favourites!) the top 10 tips for surviving MS from previous Grade 7 students:


  1. Keep your locker organized
  2. Don’t play games on your chromebook… just don’t!!
  3. Always bring a pencil
  4. Keep a deodorant stick handy
  5. Don’t throw out your tests because you can use them for review
  6. Don’t leave food in your locker
  7. Use your class time well or you get homework
  8. Check Google classroom once in awhile
  9. Do NOT tell anyone your locker combo
  10. Study Study Study… and finish all your assignments

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