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Thinking about joining the Athletic program at CCS?    

The secondary campus is known for its strong, vibrant athletic program! Starting in Grade 7, students have the opportunity to tryout for a variety of sports teams, play intramurals, workout in our weight room, and so much more.

Take a look at what the year of athletics looks like (approx. dates):

Cross Country (September) - unlimited number of athletes

Volleyball (September - November)

Golf (September/October)

Basketball (December - March)

Badminton (March - April)

Soccer (May - June)

Track and Field (May - June)

How are teams selected?

All students are encouraged to try out for each of the various sports. Unfortunately, the limited number of spots available on teams is far lower than the number of students we have at CCS. The Coaches and Athletic Directors have a difficult decision to make based off several evaluations throughout the tryout process. Many students find it helpful to have previous camp or club/community experience on the side.

How often are practices and games?

Grade 7 teams (volleyball and basketball) will typically hold practices twice a week in the morning. Games are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, right after school alongside  2 weekend tournaments for each sport. Naturally, times may vary due to the availability of the coaches.

What other opportunities are available?

Opportunities differ from year to year based on interest and availability. Often there will be intramurals or games planned by teachers or students (as part of their Passion Project or Senior Projects). There are also new options in Grade 8/9 that are offered such as triathlon and sports performance. These clubs and options are open to all who are interested!

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