Student Trips

Calgary Christian School provides an open learning environment that allows students to explore as many opportunities as possible and invite learning/growth opportunities for our student population.  Our educational philosophy allows for a great deal of learning that should happen outside the classroom. Service/experiential learning is quickly becoming a key component to how we operate in God’s great world.

Belize Service and Mission Trip

The Belize trip has been designed with the purpose of allowing high school students to grow and mature while glorifying God through our actions, behaviour and knowledge.  

 THIS BLOG  what our service team did over Spring break 2018! 

Details for the coming year are posted HERE on Mr. Bonk's staff page.

Grade 8 Spring Trip

March 21 - 27 trip was a huge success, you can read details HERE on our BLOG!  

Students enrolled in Grade 8 and 9 during the 2020/21 school year are invited to participate in a week long trip to Quebec during Spring Break! On this trip, we will travel with EF Tours and spend a couple days in Montreal, Québec City, and Ottawa.

Speaking French is not a requirement for students to attend, as our tour guides will present in English. This is an amazing opportunity for students as it ties directly into our Social Studies, French, Language Arts, and Bible outcomes. Talk about making learning real!

Quebec Trip 2019 Information (just for your reference for the 2021 trip)