Other Campaign Priorities

The Faithfulness Campaign is about enriching each student’s learning environment and opening up new opportunities for discovery, growth, and joy. It is designed to strengthen our ability to fulfill our mission in Christian education - both now and well into our future. It’s one more way we make God’s world a better place.

Fee Assistance

  • Assistance helps families transition through difficulties and improves retention. 
  • Your support helps keep families at CCS!

Play Structures

  • Replace well-used and aging play sets
  • Add a new Jr. Structure for Pre-K

Systems and Infrastructure

  • Continue our commitment to energy-smart operations with our transition to an
    all-LED campus
  • Upgrade and replace aging mechanical systems

Update and Refresh @ the Elementary

  • Increase capacity of smaller classrooms
  • Renovate space dedicated to French classes
  • Fun, soft and colourful furnishings to activate common spaces


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