13 Recommendations

Recommendations to Help People Feel Embraced

 CSCE Board Approved Recommendations

June 20, 2022- CSCE Board approved these recommendations 

The bracketed words are who is responsible for carrying out each recommendation.   

  1. Acknowledge past and present racial difficulties and the need for change at a school-wide and administrative level. Commit to being anti-racist and to confront conscious and unconscious racist understanding and behaviour. (CSCE Board, Leadership Team)
  2. Start a task force of parents of diverse cultures responsible to school leadership and board of directors to help understand issues and define solutions. (CSCE Board)
  3. Listen to stories including those of students and families who no longer have family present at our school. (CSCE Board, Leadership Team)
  4. Develop a school policy statement regarding our commitment to embrace diversity. (CSCE Board) 
  5. Investigate areas where participation does not reflect the diversity of the school – look at involvement on sports teams, mission trips, outdoor education, leadership teams, awards, graduation traditions, demographics of students requesting and receiving academic or behavioural testing and assistance. Ensure consistent supports for school participation across cultural backgrounds. (Principals)
  6. Consult with diversity professionals to ensure cultural sensitivity and representation, assist with curriculum enhancements and help provide appropriate supports for students of all cultural backgrounds. (Principals)
  7. Provide regular required diversity awareness training for school staff and leadership. Offer training to parents and volunteers (including coaches, parent action council and prayer group). Provide resources and opportunities for further education. (CSCE Board, Leadership Team, Teachers, and Parents)
  8. Continue intentional efforts and facilitation for recruiting qualified, culturally diverse teachers and leadership. Understand past difficulties in recruiting culturally diverse staff and CSCE board directors with an effort to overcome barriers. Pursue and empower students of different cultures for leadership roles within and outside of the school. (CSCE Board, Leadership Team)
  9. Enhance welcome program for families who are new to Canada. Support new immigrant families so we can understand and remove obstacles to school involvement. Be proactive in reaching out to students of diverse backgrounds. Facilitate an atmosphere of vulnerability and acceptance where we intentionally and fully embrace all students and families. (Making Connections Worker, Teachers, Leadership Team) 
  10. Focused awareness, education, and embracing of cultural traditions represented in our student body. [E.g., Purposeful efforts to know and pronounce students’ preferred names; appreciation of culturally diverse food, history, and celebrations; welcome sign(s) at school entrances with greetings in different languages - including different alphabets; use curriculum and chapel to amplify voices of people of diverse backgrounds.] (Principals, Teachers)
  11. Understand and follow guidelines from Truth and Reconciliation calls to action for schools. (CSCE Board, Leadership Team, Teachers, and Parents)
  12. Develop procedure for reporting racism. Ensure safe alternatives for reporting. Have no tolerance for abuse of racialized students. Deal with overt and subtle racist behaviour quickly and thoroughly with aim of education and future prevention. Support victims of racism. Be gracious with those who commit racism to develop an atmosphere of doing better together rather than blame and attack. Provide victim-sensitive opportunities for reconciliation and restoration. (Leadership Team)
  13. CCS families should be encouraged to reach out to others and take responsibility for creating connections with others they don’t know, including all families of diverse cultural backgrounds. Be active in working against bias. (Everyone, -CSCE Board, Leadership Team, Teachers, Staff and Parents)