School Council

School Council

Ideas? Questions? Encouragement? Suggestions? Feedback?

Stay informed of what’s happening.

Input on changes.

Learn about programs, activities and events.

Get to know parents, administration and staff.

Be involved. Come to School Council!

Help CCS continue to be a great school for all our students!

School Council is a parent led group that supports CCS. Regular meetings include parents as well as CCS Principals, CSCE representatives, Elementary and Secondary Teacher representatives and a High School Student representative to ensure active communication and collaboration. Our Palliser School Division Trustee often attends as well. All CCS parents are part of School Council and are most welcome to participate.

All parents are members of this Council, mandated by Alberta Education, that allows for input for the Administration of CCS.

We strive to have the School Council be a place for information, ideas, suggestions, open discussion and resources for the Principals, staff and the parents at Calgary Christian. This Council is the appropriate place to bring your questions, your praise, your suggestions, and your concerns in a respectful and open-minded manner in order that your voice may reach those who are in a position to address and act upon them. We value each parent and the perspective they bring to our Council and our school.

Contact our school council by email with this link: School Council