CCS Values

God at the Centre

God is our greatest value and the reason CCS exists. We believe that life is at its best and education is at its best when God is at the centre, rather than relegated to the sidelines or excluded altogether.

Worship, Bible & Prayer

At CCS we acknowledge, seek after and worship God. We invite Him into our classrooms and into our lives. We teach and study the Bible. We pray with and for our students every day. We make the Lord a part of every lesson plan.

Faith Is for Owning

We cultivate an environment where genuine faith can take root and flourish for a lifetime. We want our students to do more than recite the right words and dutifully tow the line. We want them to take active ownership of their faith, which comes from a process not an event.

We guide students in their faith and growing up journeys by giving them a safe place to explore, question and become. Growing is seldom without growing pains. We stay engaged with our students even when things get messy. The Lord is faithful and supportive to us. We want to be the same for our students.

Participating in God’s Eternal Purpose

It is our fervent desire to be active participants in God’s great eternal purpose – Jesus Christ’s work to redeem mankind and all creation from the devastation of sin and the tragic emptiness of pursuing life apart from Him.

Our aim is to reflect the Lord’s character and values in all aspects of our school – and for His love to be fulfilled by flowing through us to everyone around us.

Every day we seek to be filled by God’s love, power and presence.


Life Is Better Together

CCS is so much more than a school for children to attend. It is surrounded by a caring, supportive community that plays an active and vital role in the life and health of the school. 

A Place to Feel at Home

In the fragmented frenzy of big city life, CCS is a rare oasis of connection. It’s a welcoming place where you can get to know people. Soon you recognize faces, are greeted with a smile and called by name. CCS is a place to feel at home.

Intentional Relationships

Our relational focus is very intentional. We have events and programs designed to connect students, teachers, parents and entire families. We create opportunities to form friendships that last a lifetime.

Our caring and dedicated teachers pour so much of themselves into students’ lives. They invest the time to get to know each student’s strengths, challenges and awakening potential. They are devoted to helping students succeed in the classroom and in all spheres of life.

We want all our students to know that they are valuable and have a valuable contribution to make to others. Our buddies program links kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 kids with older students in Grades 4, 5 and 6. Our high school camping and missions trips form some of the closest friendships of all.

The Loving Hands of Christ

The supportive spirit reaches far beyond the campus to encompass families and alumni.  As a community our goal is to be the loving hands of Christ to those in need. We rally around families going through difficult times, providing home cooked meals, practical support and heartfelt prayers.

A Community to Become Part of

CCS is a warm community to become part of – where you can make a contribution and know the support of others.


Learning for All of Life

Expansive Education

God has created a vast, wondrous, multi-faceted world.  So we take an expansive approach to education to develop the whole child.

We want each of our students to discover their unique strengths and realize their full God- given potential. Our goal is to equip them with the understanding, skills and attitude they need to thrive intellectually, artistically, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.

Academic Achievement

In the academic realm we help students master curriculum content and develop creative and critical thinking skills. It’s an area of great strength for CCS. We consistently rank in the top 10 percent of Alberta schools from elementary through to Grade 12 and have an outstanding record of preparing students for university. Across Alberta 59 percent of high school graduates go onto post secondary studies.  For CCS grads, the number is 80 percent.

Artistic Expression

We provide students with a wide range of opportunities to explore, develop and express their artistic talents. In addition to offering classes in art, drama and music, we stage special events and productions to allow students to exhibit and perform before a wider audience.

Social & Emotional Development

We nurture our students’ emotional and social development from the first day of pre-school through high school graduation. Our desire is for each student to discern and embrace who God has made them to be so they can flourish internally and in their relationships with others.

Through age appropriate lessons, we teach them personal responsibility, kindness and respect for others. When playground squabbles arise, we guide our students through a Biblical conflict resolution model. We teach them how to communicate, apologize, forgive and restore friendships.

Physical Fitness

CCS has a very active physical education and sports program that fosters individual fitness, skill development, peer bonding and an enthusiastic school spirit.

We guide all of our students to develop healthy lifestyle habits and enjoy the physical abilities God has given them. And we encourage widespread participation in our sports teams.

Our students learn how to work together as a team, rise to the challenge of competition, develop good sportsmanship and have fun.

Spiritual Character

As a Christian school, spiritual development is one of our highest priorities. Our prayerful purpose is for each of our students to embrace genuine saving faith in Jesus and seek after God to shape their character and personality.

Our hope is that each of our students will demonstrate a steadfast character of love, integrity, faithfulness, kindness, compassion and service to others.

CCS cultivates intelligence for all of life.

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Serve Generously

Our Founding Families

CCS has been built on a foundation of service and generosity. It started more than 50 years ago with our founding families, many who were newcomers to Canada from Holland.

They had a grand, ambitious vision to create a private Christian school. The task was monumental, but they never shrank from it. They dedicated themselves to do whatever it took to buy the land, construct the building, recruit teachers and gain provincial accreditation. All of these tasks required an enormous sacrificial investment of time, energy and finances.

Eager Desire to Contribute

The founding families’ inspiring example is stamped into our DNA and lives on to this day. At the very heart of CCS there is an eager desire to be involved and make a contribution.

Our teachers, principals and support staff routinely go above and beyond the call of duty. Parents are quick to volunteer as board members, coaches, prayer warriors, hot dog chefs and sport chauffeurs. And many families stay involved as active CCS supporters years after their children have graduated.

Exuberant Generosity

Why is there such a keen interest to be involved in CCS? Because our volunteers believe in the value of Christian education and enjoy the positive enthusiastic culture.

The best and most fulfilling service comes from a spirit of exuberant generosity. This attitude even shows through in our gala events where we put an enormous dose of fun into fundraising.

Keep Reaching Higher

Blessed with Growth

Since our small and humble beginnings the Lord has blessed us with more than 50 years of growth. We’ve grown in programs, facilities, staff and the number of students we serve. We deeply appreciate all the teachers, principals, staff and volunteers who have devoted so much time, effort and energy to make this growth possible.

We Still Have Far to Go

We’ve come a long way, but we still have far to go and much to accomplish. God has given us wonderful gifts and potential that He wants us to fan into flame.

We have high aspirations and there are times when we miss the mark. When we do, we acknowledge our shortcomings, take corrective measures and redouble our efforts.

Setting Goals & Assessing Progress

We set specific goals, monitor our progress and give thought to our ways. We assess our performance in helping students with their academic, artistic, emotional, social and spiritual development. We take active steps to maintain the health of our greater community.

We are deeply committed to keep improving and reaching higher.


Life Is for Celebrating!

Life Is a Gift from God

Life is a good and beautiful gift from God. Our Heavenly Father lavishes His love on us. Jesus has freed us from sin and showed us how to live a masterpiece life. The Holy Spirit empowers and encourages us.  And so we celebrate!

Smiles & Joy Abound

At CCS friendliness, smiles and joy abound. We cultivate an atmosphere of kindness, love and harmony. Parents visiting us for the first time tell us they feel something special as they walk through our hallways and step into classrooms.

A Celebratory Spirit

Our celebratory spirit shines through in our many special events. CCS families come together for barbecues and pancake breakfasts. Students show off their creativity with bizarre locker decorations and crazy hair. What’s the number one word students use to describe CCS?  FUN!!

Humour & Personality

Our students and staff freely express their humour and unique personalities every day – to usually appreciative audiences. On average students laugh at 52.7% of teachers’ jokes :) ~ we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

At CCS we celebrate life!