Application Procedure

New Admissions Applications

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Are you a prospective family looking for information about CCS for your child?  We're happy to answer all of your questions, please contact our Admissions Coordinator for assistance! email: 


Acceptance into the CCS Alternative School Program is based on:

1. Faith Commitment – Parents/guardians of applying students must verify active participation in a Christian church, support the Vision and Educational Philosophy (including the principles of faith), and participate in an admissions interview with the Principal and a Society representative.

2. Readiness / Assistance Need – Each student anticipating enrolment in Kindergarten is observed to determine basic skill readiness appropriate to the grade level. Observations are completed in May prior to determining acceptance. Students in other grades who require learning assistance may be admitted based on the school’s ability to provide appropriate care. This is determined on an individual case basis.

3. Financial Ability – Payment of program fees in full is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  Bursaries are not ordinarily available to new families because CCS is already priced for affordability. The assistance program is primarily designed for current CCS families who are experiencing some financial strain or unexpected difficulty. 



Where all other admission criteria are equal, CCS considers the following elements of each application to determine admission: 

  1. If the family has students currently enrolled in a CCS education program; 
  2. If the applicant(s) has/have prior involvement in or affiliation with Christian Education [e.g., alumni of CCS, students transferring from another Palliser Christian alternative program school, students transferring from another Christian school within the PCCE, SCSBC, or CSI, etc]; and 
  3. If the family is applying to a grade level with a low student population.
  4. If the above considerations are not factors, CCS may consider when applications were received as complete and prioritize on a first come – first served basis;
  5. For groups of applicants where the above criteria does not apply and their numbers are significantly greater than available grade spaces, CCS may use a lottery to determine priority sequencing of applications. 

In all cases, CCS strives to make fair and reasonable decisions regarding admission. Disclosure of “closed grades” or limited space will be made available prior to and during the Open Registration period. A limited number of names will be retained for waiting lists at each grade level with parents/guardians who qualify indicating their wish to be retained on a waiting list. Please note that this waiting list is not carried forward from year to year. 

Application fees are non-refundable.