Fine Arts

Drama @ CCS

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Mainstage Production

Drama Program Drama can develop the whole person by giving form and meaning to experience through “acting out”. It fosters positive group interaction as students learn to make accommodations in order to pursue shared goals. The overall goal of drama is to foster a positive self-concept in students by encouraging them to explore life by the assumption of roles and by the acquisition of dramatic skills. At Calgary Christian School drama also contributes to deepening our relationship with God as we experience personal and relational growth as part of his transforming work in our lives.


Art @ CCS

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Through art education, a deeper understanding of God develops. Students are encouraged to study the details of life; to see lines and texture and the color and shape in the elements of life that surround them. They begin to recognize how small parts belong to a whole and that all parts matter. They see that God was immeasurably creative when designing this universe, and that they in turn are blessed with that creativity. Art helps to give voice to students, allowing for personal self-expression. Through the art program, from grade 7- 12, students are called to be beauty creators, and reflect God through their artistic gifts.

Music @ CCS

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We look forward to singing together again!

Music is an unique language that expresses faith, emotion, ideas, and journeys all at the same time. Making music allows each student to experience the joy of celebrating what they believe and learning about humanity. Sharing our music with others allows us to be part of a community that creates and appreciates/understands what others bring in their performances and compositions. Music is a gift given by God to everyone and developing that in our school allows this gift to be lifelong. These are but a few reasons for the music program at Calgary Christian School.

Support the Music Program by ordering coffee from Jivin' Java.  Details are listed on our fundraising page

Students were scheduled to perform "Our Town" - a classic, three-act play by American Playwright Thornton Wilder in April 2020 at the Wright Theatre.  It was disappointing to not be able to carry through on the production.  But some of the cast were able to have photos taken!