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Secondary Lunches

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The CCS lunch program is offered to secondary students and staff to support healthy eating and to raise funds in support of extra-curricular activities. Order online HERE through HOT

Updated for April 2019**

Week 1 Menu:

Tuesday;  Baked Mac& Cheese

Wednesday: Italian Sausage on a bun

Thursday: Spaetzle (homemade German noodles) with Sauteed pork & creamy mushroom sauce

Week 2 Menu:

Tuesday:  Quesadillas w/ Caesar Salad

Wednesday:  Pulled Pork w/ Cole Slaw

Thursday:  Chicken Lasagna

Did you know? Money from every lunch purchased goes to directly support experiential learning programs such as the Belize Mission Trip, Band & Choir Programs,The Quebec Trip & the West Coast Trail Trip.  Thanks for supporting this crucial fundraiser with your orders!