CCS Elementary Campus

Our Elementary Campus is for Grades Kindergarten - Grade 6

Children learn best through personal active involvement that takes into account their individual abilities and learning styles. The teachers at the Elementary school understand that the love of learning begins here and continually encourage their students to discover and delight in God's creation.

Students learn about the joy of language, the order of mathematics, the wonders of science, and the diverse cultures of the world. They also have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy music, art, drama, physical education and French.

Our students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 take part in cross-graded student groups where they are encouraged to build relationships, explore their faith, learn, worship and serve together as a community.

Volunteers Needed

Elementary School Lunch Volunteers Needed - 

It takes many volunteers to keep this program running. We cannot run it without you.

If you can spare an hour or two on Wednesday's or Thursday's please sign up using the following link: VOLUNTEER! for ELEMENTARY LUNCH PROGRAM