Parent Portal

Parent Portal

Please refer to the email from Thurs, Oct 25 from for your unique login details as it is custom for each student.

Access the parent portal with this link:


We are pleased to announce that the parent portal will be open at all times with the exception of exam break (January & June).  The purpose behind this decision is to empower the relationship between teacher and guardian so that we can work together for the success of our students.  In order for this partnership to work, an understanding of the time necessary to provide students with effective feedback is crucial. Giving space to the time it takes effective feedback to show up in PowerSchool will demonstrate your commitment to this partnership.  Thank you for that.

The information available through the parent portal, especially the app version, can also play a significant role in your ability to support student learning.  Information like current classes, attendance, assignment status, and grades is readily available. Please download the app from your app store and use the sign-in credentials you created when you visited this website.   The app will ask you for a district code - it is QRWW.  Further instructions can be found here.

The app version seems to be the most user friendly and features the following tabs along the bottom: Dashboard, Classes, Calendar, Schedule, & More.  Here are some details about the app features:

Dashboard - A snapshot of what classes the student is in and various assignment status indicators are present here.

Classes - a list of all the classes a student has for the 2018-19 school year appears.  If you click the actual mark (in the Y0 column), you will be taken to a screen that shows each assignment for that course and the corresponding grade.  You can also select Attendance at this point to see a class specific attendance report. Teacher comments are also seen at the top.

Calendar - A calendar appears showing assignments/assessments that have been inputted into PowerSchool.

Schedule - A daily schedule appears so you can see whether or not your child is free for a phone call or not.

More - A menu appears with the option to select your Account.  If you select Account and then Notifications, you will be able to turn on/off notifications about Attendance and Grade Changes.  If you select the child’s name under Email Notifications, you can opt in for email updates on a variety of things - you can also set the Frequency of these emails.  An example would be to turn on Grades & Attendance and then set the Frequency to Weekly for a weekly summary sent to your email.