Brand Story

A Place to Learn, Belong & Become

At Calgary Christian School we nurture students with kindness to give them a safe place to learn and belong.  We bolster their courage to become all that God has made them to be.  We encourage our students to shape the world with God’s love and a serving heart.

God at the Centre

For us, education starts with God, the Author of all of life.  We help our students discover the wonders the Lord has placed in every field of study.

God’s Word is our foundation.  We teach who God is and that He loves each of us eternally and extravagantly.  Jesus forgives us and frees us from our sin.  God’s redeeming power equips us to live a masterpiece life, and be a blessing to the world around us.  We encourage lifelong faith and the fruit of the Spirit to take root and flourish.

Learning for All of Life

CCS guides students to thrive in all spheres of life.  We hone thinking skills, both creative and critical.  We applaud artistic expression.  We coach students in how to become resilient, emotionally intelligent individuals.  We promote harmonious social skills and optimum physical health.  And through all of our instruction we model a life of active faith in Jesus.

Academic Excellence

CCS excels at academic instruction and preparing students for university, but we want to make a much deeper contribution than merely cover the curriculum.  Our students are not anonymous children to be taught, they’re valued young lives to invest in.

Investing in Students’ Lives

CCS is a caring community with a prayerful mentoring heart.  Our teachers generously invest in our students and really get to know them as individuals.  We love to help hidden potential emerge, and see personalities blossom.  We walk with our students through their struggles and celebrate every breakthrough!

Where Learning Is Fun

We are purposeful in all we do, but CCS is not all work and no play.  Actually, far from it.  CCS is a joyful and friendly school where learning is engaging and fun.  At our campus in the west end of Calgary you’ll find a diverse student body representing dozens of nationalities and churches.

At Calgary Christian School, students Learn, to Shape God’s World.

Our Logo

The large letter C in our logo stands for Calgary, Christian and Christ, who is at the centre of all we do.  The compass needle represents the journey of faith and our need for the Lord’s direction in our lives.  Our goal is to equip each of our students with the navigational skills to align their lives with God’s purposes.