Calgary Society for Christian Education

Notice of Meeting

A meeting of the Calgary Society for Christian Education will be
held Tuesday, November 28, 2023, at 7:00 PM at the Calgary Christian Secondary School.

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This meeting is an opportunity for the Board to report to Society members on the successful conclusion of its 2022-2023 fiscal year, as well as update the members on the status and needs of our Secondary Gymnasium Building Project. As the purpose of this meeting is primarily the sharing of information, no official business will be conducted during this session.




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CSCE Board

Society Board members are elected individuals who are passionate and skilled to provide leadership and see that the mission and vision of Calgary Christian School is realized.  Our 2022-2023 Board Members are:

  • Jon Halford, Chair
  • Matthew Weening, Vice Chair
  • Lynette Edwards, Treasurer
  • Michelle Zuk, Secretary
  • Olugbenga Adebayo
  • Lenny Houweling
  • Chris Radke
  • Sandy Vander Ziel
  • Daniel Ross

You may contact the Board by email:

CCS Structure

Calgary Society for Christian Education (also called the CSCE or the Society), founded Calgary Christian School in the 1960’s as a private school. Today, CCS is a faith-based Alternative Program operating within the public Palliser School Division. As partnering organizations, the CSCE and Palliser Schools have specific and complementary duties in operating Calgary Christian School.

Each family with a child enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12 will hold a membership in the Society. The Society has an elected Board of Directors to provide its governance and oversight, as well as administrative and maintenance personnel to fulfill the operational needs of the school. The Society’s work promotes, funds, advances, and sustains the mission, facilities, and programs of Calgary Christian School.

The Society holds, at a minimum, two meetings per year for members and supporters. Society meetings focus on the mission and oversight of the school, including financial, facility, and faith-based aspects of CCS. As a complement and in contrast to these duties, monthly School Council meetings are hosted by principals and led by elected parent officers to facilitate an exchange of information and ideas between parents and staff on educational, operational, and community relations matters.

This governance and operating model provides parents and supporters the opportunity to actively participate in developing and delivering quality Christian learning experiences for CCS students.


CSCE Staff

The CSCE has dedicated, on-site staff to advance our School's mission and provide for its general operations. These responsibilities include sustaining our Christian learning programs, and the strategic, financial, facility, and community development needs of Calgary Christian School.






  • Ermter, Keith: Director of Facilities
  • Zwart, Arnold: Facility Care Lead - North Campus
  • Zwart, Nicole: Facility Care Lead - South Campus
  • Dees, Ron: Master Electrician
  • Sawy, Paul: Facility Care Assistant - South Campus
  • Cramer, Chris:  Facility Care Assistant - North Campus

PRESCHOOL (Learning Adventures)