Calgary Society for Christian Education

CSCE Board

Welcoming Nominations For The CSCE Board Spring 2020

Society Board members are elected individuals who are passionate and skilled to provide leadership and see that the mission and vision of Calgary Christian School is realized.  Our current Board Members are:

  • Gord VanVliet, Chair
  • Gwen Uittenbosch, Vice Chair
  • Steven Kroeker, Treasurer
  • Iris Charabin, Secretary
  • Lindy Couillard, Director
  • Cheryl Grant, Director
  • Harry Nutma, Director
  • Ken Siemens, Director

You may contact the Board by email: CSCE Board

CSCE Board Highlights Sept 2018

CSCE Board Highlights Mar 2018

CSCE Board Highlights Feb 2018 

CSCE Board Highlights Jan 2018

CCS Structure

Calgary Christian School is a faith-based Alternative Program within the Palliser School Division, in partnership with the Calgary Society for Christian Education (CSCE).

Each family with a child enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12 must maintain a membership in the Society. The Society has an elected Board of Directors as well as Society Staff that work together to direct the operational aspects of the school.

The Society holds, at a minimum, two annual meetings for members and supporters. There are voluntary advisory councils comprised of parents, staff and supporting members to offer support and information on educational, operational, financial and community relations matters.

This governance model provides parents and supporters the opportunity to actively participate in providing quality Christian education for the students at CCS.

CSCE Staff

There are a number of society staff employed by the CSCE to provide on-site support for the responsibilities of the society.






  • Dees, Ron: Master Electrician
  • Ermter, Keith: Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor
  • Sawy, Paul: Custodian - North Campus
  • Zwart, Arnold: Maintenance Supervisor
  • Zwart, Nicole: Custodial Services Coordinator

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