Making the most of your relationship with your child’s teacher

At CCS we strive to build and model Christ-like relationships. A healthy relationship between a parent and a teacher is a must in order to ensure that a child has a rewarding educational experience; whether the child is in preschool, elementary, junior high, or high school. However, maintaining a supportive relationship between teacher and parent is not always easy. Open communication is key.  Here are a few things that can help:

  • Understand and accept that both you and your child’s teacher are looking out for your child's best interest. 
  • Read, sign and return promptly all progress notes, report cards, and agendas that come home. Adding comments or questions to these is encouraged. It affirms they’ve been read. 
  • Check your child's backpack every night and review all schoolwork that has been sent home to be knowledgeable of what is being learned as well as current grades or scores. 
  • Teachers are hired according to their education and experience. It is imperative that we trust teachers to do what is mandated by governing agencies and the Principals. 
  • Because there are twenty other children in the classroom and only so many hours in the day, your child cannot get the one-on-one treatment for the entire class day or period. 
  • Children can sometimes misconstrue actual events or messages. If at any time your child reports something you sense is questionable, please do not hesitate to talk to their teachers. 
  • It is best to refrain from using email when upset. Keep messages short, specific and to the point and request an opportunity to meet in person with your child's teacher. 

We care about your children, and when home and school work well together, every child benefits.