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Mrs. Sara Wagar

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Religious Meanings 20: Jesus, the Word Made Flesh

I said 'Yes' to CCS because I love that one of the messages they impress upon the students is that each student and their gifts are needed here.  I love how CCS encourages students to bring their whole selves into the school, telling them that their thoughts, feelings and opinions matter, and help make us all who God designed us to be. 

I've worked in full time youth ministry for 13+ years and have helped out at CCS for nearly 10.  I've interacted with many students from their first time at a high school team tryout in grade 10 to their final time competing for their school at a Provincial level in grade 12. In those 3 years of high school, I've watched countless girls grow in their abilities not only in sports, but also in standing up for themselves, in trying new things, in facing adversity and in celebrating others.  So many students who have graduated from CCS are entering the rest of their lives ready for what's next and I think that's something to truly be proud of. 

As an alumni of CCS myself, I love that this school makes its students feel known.  Names and stories are remembered and valued here.  Teachers I had 20 years ago have remembered me and have taken an interest in who I am. It's a privilege to carry that forward and to know new generations of students as well.  This school is making a wonderful impact on its students and community and I'm grateful  to be a part of it.