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Mr. Mark Jonker

Middle School Athletics

My name is Mark Jonker…

As an alumni of Calgary Christian School, it is a gift to return many years later as a teacher in this very special community. At its roots, CCS was established by families who sacrificed to make Christian education a possibility in South West Calgary. Fifty plus years later, the people who fill the halls, classrooms and offices continue to make sacrifices to ensure the next generation gets the opportunity to experience the valuable lessons of Christ centered education.

One of my passions is relational teaching that helps students better understand their multiple giftings and how to use them to bring glory to God. Athletics is an outlet for some of my passions and I love to share that with my students. I take great joy in seeing student athletes learn new skills and refine them to the point of mastery. Many of my former students have experienced high levels of success at the post secondary level and two of them have recently competed at the olympics for Canada! I hope to continue to inspire students to be the best they can be for God’s glory.

I have the privilege of sharing the CCS experience with my lovely wife Joylaine who teaches Kindergarten and my three children who are in grade 6,9 and 10.