Bible Program

Here's a comprehensive overview of the Bible program for K-6 students at CCS!

Kindergarten Beginning with God (in place of A2 & A1)

Grade One Connect Infants B2 & B1

Grade Two Connect Lower Primary C2 & C1

Grade Three Connect Lower Primary A2 & A1

Grade Four Connect Upper Primary B2 & B1

Grade Five Connect Upper Primary C2 & C1

Grade Six Big Questions Semester 1 & Semester 2


Beginning with God Scope and Sequence:

Connect Scope and Sequence:

By going through A, B & C, students will go through the whole Bible.  As they move through Infants, Lower Primary, and Upper Primary, they go through at increasingly sophisticated levels.  

Big Questions Scope and Sequence

Beginning with God Progression 

God and His World

A Troubled World and God’s Remedy 

Jesus is God’s Son and is always with Us

Jesus cares for People

Responding to Jesus and God

People in God’s Unfolding Plan

God’s Plan Fulfilled 


Connect Progression

A2:  Term 1 Jesus teaches about having faith in God

Concentrates on NT 

A2:  Term 2 Trusting and following Jesus

Concentrates on NT 

A1:  Term 1 God our Creator who loves us and saves us

Concentrates on OT

A1:  Term 2 Trusting God who is faithful – people who learnt to trust God

Concentrates on OT 

B2:  Term 1 God keeps his promises:  Moses to the Promised Land

Combination of OT and NT

B2:  Term 2 God's promises for the whole world:  Romans

Combination of OT and NT

B1:  Term 1 Who is Jesus?  Luke’s Gospel

Combination of OT and NT

B1:  Term 2 God’s big Promises:  Abraham to Joseph

Combination of OT and NT

C2:  Term 1 Jesus is the King of God’s Kingdom: John’s Gospel

Concentrates on NT

C2:  Term 2 Living in God’s kingdom: Being a King’s kid

Concentrates on NT

C1:  Term 1 God’s Great Kingdom Plan:  Samuel to David

Concentrates on OT

C2:  Term 2 Remember God is King:  Solomon to Nehemiah

Concentrates on OT

Big Questions Progression 

Semester 1 concentrates on God and Jesus, who they are, what they have done, what people have done in response to God, and what this means to us today.  Basic Bible reading skills are introduced so the students can use the Bible to discover and apply Biblical concepts for themselves.

Semester 2 looks at what it means to be a Christian.  It examines Jesus as the model for Christian living and introduces further Bible study skills.  The story of the early church is looked at, and students consider that church is still relevant today.

Semester 2 also deals with contemporary problems that students face in today’s world.  What the Bible says is explored, and suggestions are provided for dealing with these problems when they arise.  The responsibilities of Christians to show God’s love to others are also discussed.  

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