Faith Formation

June 23 - HS Faith Formation

As is our annual practice, we give the graduating class a chance to lead our last Faith Formation of the year.  This year four Grade 12's talked about some of their experience at CCS and recorded their conversation.  We give this to you unedited and hope you enjoy!

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June 23 - Project Serve

Current Grade 6-9 students are invited to Project Serve created by Youth Unlimited.  Ask your CCS, and other, friends to do this with you July 27-31.  The cost is $48 when using the discount code: CCSGIFT.  Participation will require parent support with driving three nights.  Register at this link by July 3 and check out this video with Danielle from Youth Unlimited for more details.

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Justice Seeking - June 16

Additional Justice Seeking Resources posted HERE from the PCCE.

FROM PASTOR LAYNE:  “This week's Faith Formation is the culminating project of Ufedoojo Amedu for Religious Ethics 20: What Challenges Your Faith in a Complex World?  In this video, Ufe recorded an interview with Alison Springer, a youth speaker who also runs the Christian non-profit "Young Women of Power."  Alison is a friend of CCS and a trusted voice of many in our community. These two black women have served CCS beautifully, giving us an hour of honest conversation about race and faith.  Warning, this is both encouraging and challenging.  Students will be encouraged to use their journal.”

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Earth Keeping - June 9

Additional Earth-Keeping resources can be found here from the PCCE!

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Jesus Calms the Storm - June 2, Faith Formation

Order Discovering Resources from the PCCE are posted here for your family to use.

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Justice Seeking - May 26

Hey Everyone!

We did Faith Formation a little differently today.  I'm super-excited to share a video interview with Tiffany Talen. The music is all at the end this week.

The theme is Justice-Seeking.  I encourage you to watch "The Blessing - Canada" first, then answer this question after you watch the video: Can you identify which regions have been left out of this video? How could you/your school community invite the churches from those areas to feel like they belong and are not forgotten?  Watch for Mrs. McGrew too (Hope City Church, Abbotsford),  she used to help us with Faith Formation music and Josiah and Sydney used to go to CCS.

Thanks, from Pastor Layne (

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Creation Enjoying - May 19

Additional Resources from PPCE for Enjoying Creation are linked here.

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Servant Working - May 12

Additional PCCE Resources are posted here for Servant Working!


Watch Faith Formation Servant Working with THIS LINK.

Deep Hope - May 5

PCCE Additional Resource is posted HERE

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God Worshipping - April 28

PCCE Additional Resource for God Worshipping, click HERE!

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Beauty Creating - April 21

Additional Resources from the PCCE on Beauty Creating, click here!

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Community Building - April 14

Community Building Resource from PCCE, click here!

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