How can we, as Kingdom Kids, use our gifts to worship God?

Through Service

FLEx- Formational Learning experiences

Real work - Real needs - Real people

Students in Grade 5 learned about homelessness in our community of Calgary when a speaker from The Mustard Seed was invited into our classrooms to share stories and statistics.  Students discussed Justice, Community Building and Servant Working as they developed a plan to serve a real need in our community.  The Grade 5 students filled more than  100 Christmas stockings with everyday essentials and special gifts to be distributed to homeless people in our city.

Through practicing Worshipping in different ways

Grade 5 students practiced worshipping God by planning and sharing devotional stories and leading prayer times.  Prayer hands were created and added to our Storyline boards as part of our journey.  We reflected daily during the season of Lent, spending daily quiet time reflecting on the sacrifice Jesus made through words and design.


Through learning about and observing God’s created order in systems such as electricity and chemistry.

Students designed devices that contained batteries that powered a motor, light or buzzer.  They were so excited to build and challenge themselves in their Bristlebot creations. Students also discovered order, change and mixing can create a new, delicious substance… cream!