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Mr. Rob Oostenbrink

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Grade 8 Teacher

I’d like to welcome you and your child to our 2020-21 school year. My name is Rob Oostenbrink and I’ll be teaching Social Studies 7 and 8.       

I look forward to getting to know your child better and just hearing how these last five months have gone for your child during this Covid 19 pandemic. You and your child might have a lot of mixed emotions including excitement, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty of what to expect. Will my child remain safe and healthy? What will the new normal actually look like? I want to acknowledge how you feel and reassure you that your child’s health and safety is considered to be of prime importance. We will create a safe and caring environment for your child’s physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness. We will also be trying to protect those we love outside the walls of our school building who are either elderly or vulnerable to Covid 19. For example, personally, my father is vulnerable due to cancer and age; my elderly mother has bronchial issues and my daughter-in-law, Keelaina, is immunocompromised. We, together,  will take every step to protect our elderly and vulnerable.  

I can share a little bit about myself.  I have been married to Arlene for 34 years and I have raised three sons, all who attended CCS. Nathan, my eldest son completed his Science degree and education degree, and is teaching at Drayton Valley Christian School. He is married to Keelaina. This summer we celebrated the wedding of Reuben, our second son, and Muriel, who both graduated from King’s University with environmental degrees. Our youngest son, Levi, is in his fourth year of university (UBCO, Kelowna), also working towards getting his science degree. Currently he conducts work in his own science lab at UBCO.  My wife, Arlene, is co-director of Closer to Home Family Support Services, a non-profit organization. This summer Arlene and I enjoyed walking, hiking, and biking together. I also enjoyed spending many social times with my family this summer, even if it meant physical distancing, individual food portions, extra-sanitizing, and no hugs. Am I worried about seeing my parents this fall/winter? Yes, I am concerned for their well-being.  I will have to be extra careful around them to keep them safe from contracting Covid 19.

I do trust that God will bless us with His leadership and presence as we walk through this unusual school year. I am committed to praying for your child’s health and well being this year. I trust that your child will have a really good year in lots of ways. During this unprecedented school year I also look forward to good communication between home and school, graced with understanding, patience, trust, flexibility, and kindness as we all adjust to new routines and procedures. There will be challenges ahead. How will students adjust to being in the same classroom with the same cohort all day in a limited manner? What will group work look like? Will certain fun interactive activities (eg. fur trade game) be eliminated? From a pedagogical view I have always believed that students should participate in interactive activities that inspire their learning, but what will that look like this year?  

I look forward to the year ahead, as unpredictable as it might seem from the outset, and trust that your child, under God’s care and our care, will have a positive year! I am thankful for the honor and privilege I have being your child’s teacher. Thank you.                                                               

Yours respectfully, and God bless you and your family,                                                                                           Rob Oostenbrink