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Mr. Layne Kilbreath

Photo of Layne Kilbreath

Director of Faith Formation

There are so many reasons I said yes to CCS, here’s three!

Initially, I said yes to what I’ll name the heart of CCS. In 2014, one of the school’s interviewers said something like this: we really want to meet the high school students where they’re at, walk with them through their questions and doubts, and help them follow Jesus in this world.  I’m a heart-guy and what I heard aligned with my heart for Jesus and his people… and thankfully CCS offered me this job!.  

Over the past 60 years, God has grown us from the families of one Church tradition to a school partnering with the families and doctrines of over 125 Churches  Today, we’re excited to see how the Holy Spirit will draw out the gifts and traditions of all these Churches and make disciples in a school context!  We’re doing this by assuming all families are faithfully trying to follow Jesus, meeting kids where they are at in age-appropriate ways, equipping students to show their biblical work, and helping students examine their thinking, living and handling of differences through the lens of Jesus as they grow in displaying the fruits of the Spirit!  I keep saying yes because I believe CCS is doing important, challenging, and exciting work to help young people choose Jesus during school and after graduation!!

Today, I say yes to CCS because we keep adding better descriptions and visuals to help us on the journey.  As an example, last year, Mr. Currie made the graphic below to summarize our theme verse from Psalm 25:4-5.  On Jesus’ path: You are loved.  You Belong.  YOU and your gifts are needed here.  At CCS we’re inviting our entire community to participate with Jesus and share these gifts with others.    

And these are still some of the reasons that I keep saying yes to CCS!


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