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AHS Online Session

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Teen Scene - Adolescence brings much more than raging hormones! This workshop is designed to share information that will help you understand and support children as they (and we!) enter their teenage years. The workshop will describe how the teenage brain is different than the child and adult brain. Changes in cognition, risk taking, and media/technology are also discussed and their impact on teen functioning. Strategies will be discussed to support teenagers to function more optimally in their classrooms and at home. Available until April 29, 2016.

Supporting and thriving with your loved ones affected by Asperger's Syndrome - Adam has personal experience of living with a sibling diagnosed with Asperger's that he uses to guide others in understanding Asperger's and some commonly associated conditions. This will aid you in taking more informed care of the person with Asperger's in your life. Combining personal experience and training, Adam will explore how narrative approaches can help you connect to someone with this diagnosis. In addition, the personal impact on the caregiver will be discussed, including ideas for self-care. Available until June 10, 2016.

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