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Alfie Kohn Lecture

Banbury Crossroads School in Calgary is pleased to, once again, be hosting ALFIE KOHN for an interesting educational lecture. Alfie is a best-selling author and expert on alternative education and parenting issues.  He will be speaking at the University of Calgary on Thursday, February 11th, 7 pm in the ICT Building, Theatre 102.  This year’s topic is “Choices for Children…Raising Decision Makers at Home and at School”.  Tickets, priced at $29.95, are available through brown paper tickets  

Alfie says…“If we want children to take responsibility for their behavior and learning, it’s up to us to give them responsibilities.  Kids learn to make good decisions by having some say about what happens to them every day, not by following someone else’s directions”.  In his talk, Alfie Kohn will offer practical suggestions for shifting away from a model based on control in families as well as classrooms.  He’ll also explore common fears about giving kids more responsibilities that lead parents and teachers to remain comfortably in power, despite the long-term damage this does to kids.

Where:  U of C, ICT Building, Theatre 102

When:  Thursday, February 11th

Time:  7 pm

Parking:  Lots 21 & 22

Tickets:  $29.95

Phone:  403-270-7787


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