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Most Likely To...

Marda Loop Justice Film Festival
justREEL Film Series presents:

Most Likely To...
(a Calgary Police Department Production in Association with Calgary Police Foundation)
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
River Park Auditorium
3818 14a St SW Calgary, ABFREE ADMISSION


Post Film Discussion Panelists
 Constable Sandra Surbek, Calgary Police Service (CPS), Youth At Risk Development Program (YARD)Const. Sandra Surbek has been a member of the CPS for over 20 years. Being a police officer was a goal of hers since childhood. Const. Surbek joined CPS when she was 25 and began her career working as a patrol officer where she worked for approximately 10 years. She then went on to work in CPS youth focused positions for an additional 10 years and has been with the YARD program for the last two years.  Const. Surbek has had an amazing experience working with youth and being in a position that allows her to build relationships and support positive change with youth.Constable Tim Dumur, Calgary Police Service, School Resource OfficerConst. Tim Dumur has been a police officer for 26 years;  22 of which are with the CPS. The majority of his service has been as a frontline patrol officer. For the last five years Const. Dumur has held the role of School Resource Officer working in Calgary high schools.Avery Pedlar, Youth Justice Social Worker and MASST Social Worker, City of CalgaryAvery Pedlar is a Youth Justice Social Worker for the City of Calgary and has worked for the Multi Agency School Support Team (MASST) since 2015. She partners with a constable from the CPS to provide support to children and their families, who have been identified as being at risk of involvements with the criminal justice system by school staff. Avery collaborates with school staff and mental health professionals to ensure clients’ mental health and educational needs are met and to minimize family discord. She also has a background working with environments related to group homes, domestic violence and youth employment.Carolina J. Wall, Calgary Police Foundation, Co-Chair of the Resource Development CommitteeCarolina J. Walls was born in Chile and immigrated to Canada with her family. She attended McGill University in Montreal graduating with a B.Sc. in Psychology. She worked in the executive search industry prior to obtaining her LL.B. degree (Bachelor’s of Law) from the University of Alberta. Carolina’s legal career was primarily focused on Immigration and Legal aid cases and she was a former board member of Immigrant Services Calgary. Carolina is proud to have been involved with the Calgary Police Foundation (CPF), which funds the YARD and MASST programs, as a founding Director. She is currently Co-Chair of the Resource Development Committee at CPF.  

Children are not born criminals. And one city is making sure of that.
Most Likely To… is a look at the Calgary Police Service’s (CPS) approach to youth at-risk crime prevention through intervention, education, and most importantly, human connection.
Disruptive. Defiant. Dangerous. Everyone remembers that one kid in their class unanimously voted most likely to end up behind bars. If we know that kids need help, then why aren’t we helping them? Most Like To… follows the lives of Kevin and Timmy, 8 and 18, over the course of a year as they fight for a better life than they were born into. With the help of CPS, Kevin and Timmy realize that their future doesn’t have to be decided by their past.
 Release Year:  2019
Run time: 60 minutes
Producer:  Calgary Police Service Production, Calgary Police Foundation
Language: English
Premiere: World Premiere

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