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Parent Sessions with Kimberly Eckert


Parenting Seminars at Masters Academy

$25.00/person for all three seminars including the printed materials!Suitable for families with children from 0-17 years! 

Raising a Resilient and Resourceful Child:
Strategies for helping children handle life’s setbacks without crushing their spirit
This workshop will set the stage for the remaining workshops which represent two of the key protective factors for helping children become resilient in the face of hardship and stressful life events.
Parents will learn:

  • What resilience is
  • Five protective factors that build resilience
  • Ten ways to cultivate resilience and resourcefulness
Raising a Compassionate Child:
Strategies for developing your children’s emotional intelligence
Research has found that emotional awareness and the ability to manage feelings are even more important than IQ in creating success and happiness in all walks of life.
Parents will learn:
  • A five-step method that builds emotional intelligence and supports children through life’s ups and downs in a way that fosters confidence, supports social skills and creates positive long-lasting support for children.
Raising a Responsible Child:
Parenting strategies for encouraging a growth mindset in children
Research has demonstrated that the way children think about mistakes, risks, and difficult learning tasks
greatly impacts their ultimate success as a learner. 
Parents will learn:
  • The difference between a fixed and growth mindset approach
  • Strategies that they can employ with their children to build a healthy mindset
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